Ok heaps of new games out and plenty of news in general firstly Minecraft 1.8 is out and that's old news but Minecraft 1.9 is going to be out any time from now on which you might not know. This will bring NPC's to the NPC villages, but apparently only to new villages spawned in new world chunks with 1.9.  

In other Minecraft news, they will be going to court with Bethesda over the usage of the word 'Scrolls' in an upcoming game which Bethesda claim could confuse people with 'The Eldar Scrolls'. I can say when Oblivion came out and I was working for a PC store at the time. I can not remember a single person calling up to check if we had the latest "eldar scrolls" game in stock. Everyone asked for "Oblivion" just like everyone is now talking about "Skyrim" not "The Eldar Scrolls: Skyrim". Even Google can prove that no one cares about the branding:
Search for "Skyrim" 46 million results.
Search for "The eldar scolls skyrim" 6 millon results. 
This will be nothing more than an epic waste of time and money - except if your a lawyer involved ofcourse. 

The Rift 1.5 patch is out with some really nice changes inlcuding a new pvp arena and gifts for long term subscribers! I really liked this update compared to eariler updates mainly becuase I didn't feel pressured as much to do the new dailies etc. Feedback so far has been really good. Oh, can't forget that rift now support addons! yay!

The Diablo 3 Beta is in full swing and so far it seems like it should live up to expectation. I didn't get a beta invite :( but Cronos was luck enough to get hold of one and has posted some gameplay on YouTube which you can find here.

Battlefield 3 has been thrust into the public spotlight with it's open beta and I have been playing it a bit. I'm really impressed with a number of game play features. I won't go into heaps of details here, mainly becuase there is too much to cover, but they have really taken all the best parts of all FPS games and packed them into one package. With the launch just around the coner you can be your sweet supple ass that I'll be putting up some game play vids! Definitely go check out the beta.

Anyway peeps that's all for today so as always... Have fun!