Hey all,

We have been powering through the levels in RIFT to get to 50. Over the next few days we will have a few more people hit 50 which should give us enough to start raiding. We have already been hitting up instances and gearing people up which has been fun. 

To help the guild become better please keep an eye out for any potential recruits. A number of you have been given the ability to invite people to the guild now. As most of you will know now we don't mind having a laff and we're not so anal that we don't allow swaring or anything like that BUT we will kick tossers out as fast as humanly possible. Mainly if I see people causing the enjoyment of everyone else that is playing to suffer (ie raging at someone in an instace is a good example) they will be out - so far I haven't seen this once and I want to keep it that way. 

Also as a number of you will know first hand - we have been gearing alot of people for specific roles basically free of charge. You can mainly thank Karraau(Cronosau) for that. But even though we do this lovingly the materials don't just 'regrow' on a magic tree. So Karraau is currently acting as a guild bank - please send all adition mats to him when you can. We don't expect you to send so many mats that you can't complete dailies but for the guild to be able to provide mats and gear to people they first need to be farmed and thats where we need your help.

As a basic rule of thumb - off specs DO NOT qualify for a need role. People really need to use their heads with this. Here is an example; me as a warrior could use a spec that is mainly spell based/elemental damage - that does NOT give me the right to start needing cleric/caster gear just becuase I "could" spec into that. RIFT is different to WOW in that every character can play a huge number of roles and that's why I say people need to use there heads and say "ok this isn't something I 'NEED' this is something I 'WANT' which leads to the logical conclusion: you click 'GREED'.

To further expand on this point, there are a number of professions that need gear to break it down for mats. You need to keep this in mind as well, that more often than not this sort of gear could have been broken down and shared between the people on the run. Having said that, if you would like an item for your offspec then all you need to do is ask nicely and I'm sure 9/10 times everyone will be happy to do that. Do it too often and expect not to be ask to do runs. Everyone will need to use their brain to figure out what is acceptable. 

NEED = You will use this straight away on your primary role.
NEED = You have been told to need it so that you can break it down for mats for people to sell. 
GREED = You could use this on an off spec. Unless you have checked with everyone that it is ok to click need.
GREED = You can break it down for mats.
PASS = You think that it is likely that someone else can make better use of this than you can.
PASS = Do not want. 

Oh yeah in pub runs - these guide lines do not apply.