Hey all,

Rift update 1.3 brings some cool new changes that I think everyone will get a kick out of. First of all is the long awaited guild banks! All the usual features are there and one really cool new guild perk which relates to the guild bank is that we can now get funds (cash yo) automatically added into the bank while the guild members are grinding. Basically it adds an little bit extra on top of the normal ammount of gold that drops BUT gives that extra money directly to the guild bank. So that's a really cool feature thats definitely needed considering even just the second guild bank tab is 300P!!!

Next is the new item spot on the bottom righthand side of the character screen for the Synergy crystal which will active with new set items which have been added to the game.

There has been a texture pack upgrade as well - metal is now nice and shiney. 

There is a new raid and world event as per usual. 

All the usual role updates etc. 

Finally we are now able to transfer between shards. Also we have now been given an offical oceanic (Aust & NZ) server. So with our transfer from Corthana to Laethys we expect a much bigger player base and many new oportunities. Our friends Heroes Light have also transfered to this server. 

That's all from me I'll catch you online.

Have fun!