RIFT is setting new bench marks all over the joint at the moment. Firstly they have one of the smoothest launches of a mmo ever and now they have release a major content patch before the first month is done! 

So what does this content patch do. The major difference is it will bring the first true world event as opposed to a zone event. So everyone from level 6 - 50 has the chance to partisipate in the same event!

They will be turning on the ability to sort of stream to youtube while your playing. Basically it will record upto 3 mins of video and once it's done automatically uppload it to youtube! Schweet!

AFKers in Warfronts are going to have a harder time as players can now report people for being AFK. Once someone gets enough votes they have a short ammount of time to get back in the game or they get banished.

So in a nut shell: things are looking very positive for the newest MMO on the market and I definitely love it! You can find us on the Corthana shard (server).