The latest instalment from Mortal Kombat has been refused classification in Australia for the second time. This is really getting a bit old now. Is everyone else as tired of this as I am?

It really does pain me to see the massive amount of people that think not having an R18+ classification in Australia is actually stopping offensive content being sold here. All they will do to MK is make the blood black instead of red (or something similar) and then it will get straight through as MA15+. Just like countless other titles have done. Look back at Left 4 Dead 2 as one example where all they did was make the dead bodies fade away. Like, "here you go kiddies the game is fixed now. Run allong and have fun blowing zombies brains out - just as long as the bodies don't stay laying on the ground". Really>>? This is ok with everyone? This is better then having an R18+ rating that prohibits sales to minors?

Just to be super clear here; that game is now ok to sell to 15 year olds with that minor change. IF we had the R18+ clasification it would have only been sold to (drum roll please) 18 year olds!!! Surely this seems more logical?

As a final note to the people living in fantasy land who believe not having an R18+ classification is actually protecting anyone from the content that will (apparently) destory our souls. Please, please for the sake of the people you think you are saving just look the other way and find a new thing to whine about. You have no idea how many of our MA15+ games are rated R18+ in virtually every other country becuase this motion keeps getting blocked. You are not and never have stopped the content in question being sold here in Australia! Instead you are allowing it to go to 15 year olds instead of 18 year olds - well done *slow clap*.

I'll be setting up a descussion in our General Chat group for this topic.