18 Jan, 2019

Caduceus Rise

Conquer corrupt Caduceus in Caduceus Rise, the massive dungeon in RIFT™ 1.6: From the Embers. Discover all the secrets and challenges in a truly sprawling instance that invites exploration and promises danger from up to 11 bosses! Caduceus Rise debuts with an available Expert Mode split into two wings set to challenge even the most capable A...

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J!NX has gear for you

You can flaunt your faction colors while in Telara, but what about in the real world? J!NX understands your problem, so they’ve put together some amazing RIFT™ shirts and hoodies to help you Ascend to fashion glory. Share your faction pride with the world, and keep warm as an added bonus! Just be sure to order a size or two larger if you plan on we...

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From the Embers

Ascend to new challenges on the massive and breathtaking Ember Isle in RIFT™ 1.6: From the Embers. Twice the size of Stillmoor and besieged by Maelforge and his Wanton, Ember Isle is our largest and toughest zone yet. Level 50 Ascended delve into Caduceus Rise with its 11 bosses, raid the Rise of the Phoenix Sliver, and revisit the Black Garden f...

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Ember Isle

Journey through the Travel Stones to Ember Isle: lost kingdom of the Kelari and jungle home of the Farclan Dwarves. Though imprisoned in a volcano by the Keepers of the Flame, Maelforge has used the chaos of the rifts to corrupt the island’s ancient spirits and turn the Kelari against themselves. Now, the dragon of rage seeks to use his Wanton c...

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Ember Isle is all the rage

All your favorite gaming news sources are buzzing about Ember Isle, the huge and dangerous tropical zone set to erupt in RIFT™ 1.6....

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