18 Jan, 2019

First anniversary developer diary

It's been a breakout first year for RIFT™, and the world of Telara has undergone fantastic growth since the war of the rifts began. Watch our developers discuss everything they've added in an unprecedented number of updates, and preview exciting plans for year two!...

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World Event – Carnival of the Ascended

Celebrate a year of RIFT™! There is no question: Without the Ascended, the Blood Storm would have utterly destroyed Telara, but thanks to the valiant efforts of Guardians and Defiant alike, Greenscale and Akylios lie slain. To honor their saviors, Telarans are holding a worldwide festival: the Carnival of the Ascended! Both factions head to F...

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Looking back and looking forward

RIFT has had an amazing first year, with huge changes, improvements, and so much new content introduced with every rapid-fire update. Join Executive Producer Scott Hartsman as he looks back with pride on these many leaps forward—and lets you know what's coming up in a very promising 2012—in an open letter to all our Ascended players and fans....

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Be a part of a world record, Feb. 14!

Get married in RIFT™ this Valentine's Day and be part of a world record. All Ascended Weddings logged between 9am PST on Feb. 14 and 9am PST on Feb. 15 will be counted toward our attempt at setting the Guinness World Records® Title for Most Online Weddings in a 24-hour period. Everyone who participates will receive the in-game title, "Tier of Kn...

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Ascend for free with RIFT™ Lite

We know how it is: you want to play RIFT with your friends but are unsure about committing to a subscription. We've got you covered. RIFT Lite lets you play levels 1-20 for free, as long as you want. New players, former free trial players, and former subscribers alike are welcome to experience the dynamic content and rapid-fire updates of RIFT....

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