12 Dec, 2018

Loot Rules

World Content

Need vs Greed

Standard, Expert & Master Dungeons

Need vs Greed

Normal Rifts including crafting rifts

Need vs Greed

Expert Rift

Loot Council (Currently: Leaders and Officers to decide and vote on loot distribution) or

Main Spec/Off Spec Roll

Raid Content (including raid rifts)

Loot Council (Currently: Leaders and Officers to decide and vote on loot distribution)

Please note: Unclaimed items will be either rune broken or sold to vendor then money or crafting ingredients obtained in the process will be stored in the guild bank

PUG Runs regardless of content level

Guild loot rules do not apply

Explanation on Loot Council their purpose

Loot council works only when the members have a good understanding of classes and the game as well as the ability to make smart judgments.

How it works:

When a boss is downed and loot drops, the loot master is to link the loot that is on the mob. After loot on the mob is linked people in the group who want the loot are to link what the new piece would replace.

In a discussion between the members of the loot council the loot is awarded to the person who gets the most votes to get it.

Votes are based on the people in question following the criteria of - attendance, contribution, and overall value to the group and how much of an upgrade it would be for the person in question.

This system works because...

-it stop people rolling for loot that is not suitable for their classes or role

-you can gear the group for future runs and guild progression

-you can make sure gear goes where it is needed

People may object to this but for example, being in the guild for 2 weeks should get you priority over an 8 month vet just doesn’t really make sense.

People who are new to the guild need to progress in the correct order and not skip a few.
There are crafters GP and DH runs to gear people, pugs - no one is stopping them. The only time this has not been followed is when the loot council recognise a good player’s skills were being held back by gear and were going to be an asset to progression.

Why we will not have random rolls, because it is random.

- Talwin (Niwlat)