18 Jan, 2019

Infernal Dawn

Face seven deadly bosses in our most challenging 20-player raid yet: Infernal Dawn. Maelforge’s prison is weakening, and Laethys has nearly completed her breathtaking new body. Now, the Ascended must brave the volcanic depths of Mount Carcera to take on the Wanton, the Golden Maw, and their terrible leaders....

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Shining greed

To those who are not content with what they have, who covet the wealth of their neighbors, indulge in this story of Laethys. Heed the lesson within — that greed can never truly satisfy anyone, even the queen of avarice, who claims worlds for her own....

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RIFT™ 1.8: Infernal Dawn, coming soon

In RIFT 1.8, a blistering new 20-player raid will test the fiercest Ascended, while those seeking new friends can use the Guild Finder feature to rally and prepare. Competitive players can check PvP, PvE, and crafting leaderboards to see who's the best of the best. New Fishing and Survival tradeskills make their debut, and a World Event will have...

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New tradeskills in RIFT™ 1.8

Telara's wilderness has always been a rich refuge for those with proper training. Now, new Fishing and Survival tradeskills promise to put its wondrous bounty at your command – and on your plate. Don't worry about leaving your forges and looms behind, either: Fishing and Survival are available to all Ascended, and they can be trained on top of e...

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Rage and fire

Maelforge has rent worlds asunder, devoured their cores, and slain their gods. Hear him revel in the Blood Storm's ruinous past, and heed his plans to consume his captors—and Telara—in flames....

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