18 Jan, 2019

Surviving in Minecraft Part 2

Hey all,

This is the second part of our Surviving in Minecraft. In this episode we look at how to make a bed and how to cook food in a furnace. I hope you all enjoy it. Also don't forget to leave a comment in YouTube for me - Thanks!


Check out our first YouTube video.

In this video I do a quick walk through of the first day in Minecraft. I explain what you can expect and what you need to prepare for. If you enjoy the video please make sure you hit the 'Like' button.

Epic Minecraft Constructions

Hey all,

Here I wanted to put togeather os really big and impressive Minecraft creations that I found on YouTube. So sit back and ejoy!

The first entry is a fairly recent time laps video of the construction of Penn Station



 Hit read more below to check out the rest of the videos!

Read more: Epic Minecraft Constructions

Age of Conan Goes Free to Play!

Team Fortress 2 Goes Free to Play!

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