18 Jan, 2019

Minecraft Piston Drawbridge

In the news today...

Revelations every where at the moment. The next big Rift patch has just had the full list of patch notes released! Diablo 3 new and Notch calls bull shit on a game technology developer. 


Heaps of new cool stuff coming in the 1.4 patch here is a quick run down: 
- New bag slot that will hold all your quest items (yay!)
- PVP rifts, soft of like 'king of the hill' style.
- Easier (entry level) 10 man raid.
- Alternative Warfront based of Whitefall stepps.
- Cross shard Looking for Group
- Quests, quests, quests and more quests.

In short there is plent more content and optimisations coming in the next patch. I for one am glad it's not just some bloody raid that I probably won't get around to doing.

Diablo 3:

Diablo_III_1280_320x200The developers of Diablo 3 have announced this week that you will only be able to play D3 online. Some people couldn't care less but others are not to happy about the decision. Effectively anyone without the net can no longer look forward to playing it single player offline.

Also we now know that there is going to be the ability to buy and sell items on the auction house with REAL money. This is a very big leap into the deep end of the shark tank. There have been other games that have sucsessfuly pulled this sort of thing off but probably nothing like the scale of attention that D3 is going to get. Can we expect to get swamped with spam?

Anyone looking to get a sneek peak at Diablo 3 should sign up for the beta program that is about to launch. So far everthing seems on track for a release this year.

Notch vs the World:

Video here

A graphics technology deveoper named Euclideon this week made some rather big waves by stating that they could give computer graphics "unlimited power" (yeah, no shit, thats the wording they used) and now they are showcasing there new technology. Now Notch has stepped up to the plate and called 'bullshit' on the wholething stating that with some basic maths that we can see that they weren't being all upfront about the show case of technology and specifically made huge claims and left out all the flaws of the technology. 

Who is right, who is wrong? Well time will tell... Sooner rather than later I suspect. 

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Minecraft Piston Doors with no visible redstone and XOR gate tutorial

Hey All - This is my first attempt at a tutorial on YouTube. It will show you how to create some really cool piston doors and the controller to make them open and close.


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