18 Jan, 2019

New Piston Doors with Button and T-Flip Flop


Piston Doors Red Stone Setups


Minecraft Surviving Day 5 - The Nether

Minecraft Server Stress Test with TNT!


Steam: Trading Beta Update

There is a new beta program running at the moment for your steam client which allows you to trade in-game-items, like hats in Team Fortress 2, with your friends directly via the steam client - rather than in game. Worth checking out as you can also trade other things like games for in game items as well. This opens the door to a wide range of posibilities for game developers - most of which will surely involve you parting with more ca$h.

To unlock the beta client go to:

- 'Steam' menu item.

- Settings.

- Account tab.

- Beta Participation heading and apply to the beta program of your choice and then restart the client. 

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