18 Jan, 2019

Company of Heroes 2

Assassins Creed 3 E3 Trailer

Think I need a cold shower now cos that is hot!

God of War: Ascension - Singleplayer Trailer

Stronghold Kingdoms

header 292x136This is another free MMO that has been keeping us busy lately. If you have played any of the games from Zynga then this style will be very familiar to you. You need to build buildings but each building takes time to build. The buildings will then build even while your offline. Warning: Very Adictive

If you want to team up with us, we are on World 4 in the 'Norfolk' region. 

World Of Tanks

wot-logoIf you haven't had a chance to check out World Of Tanks, I would highly recommend you do so. It's a free MMO where you fight other people in tanks to get money to buy better tanks. Such a simple idea and yet so fun! There is a few of us playing it now. 

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